Restaurants in Egypt

Egypt is a wonderful country of a perfect blend of many cultures, nations and histories. With so much influence of a great number of cultures that are shaping the history of Egypt and to a large extent the history of the world, we can assure you that when it comes to Egyptian cuisine, you won’t be left either disappointed or bored. The food in Egypt is always delicious and fresh, but what is even more impressive is that local gastronomy is a blend of all the cultures and traditions forming the image of the country.

It is often said that the Egyptian table is served with at least one dish from each culture or nation belonging to the country, which results in so many dishes that the table quickly fills in with delicacies. So when you are planning to eat out, when in Egypt, you are truly spoilt for choice and great diversity. In terms of cuisines, flavours, atmospheres, diversity and interiors, Egypt will invite you into a whole new world of an impressive number of restaurants and food establishments. Although often fusion and influenced by international gastronomy, traditional Egyptian cuisine is totally worth trying. Browse our page to check all the restaurants in Egypt you will enjoy for sure!

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In Sequoia, we were keen to present our favourite selection of fusion Mediterranean cuisine originating from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Sequoia solely relies on the word of mouth of its loyal customers as well as the numerous regional and international publications who have recognized Sequoia as “one of the top reasons to visit Cairo”.





Taboula offers a wide variety of Lebanese and Middle Eastern mezza ranging from home-made Taboula (the infamous Lebanese salad), homos and shanklish (goat cheese mixed with salad), to popular fettahs (various toppings served over yoghurt with bread and rice), meat and chicken grills and of course followed by fresh and tasty desserts. The menu also includes Lebanese Arak, wines, spirits and various soft drinks, to compliment the meal.