Restaurants in Israel

Israel might not be the biggest country or the most popular holiday destination, but it certainly has its fair share in terms of mouth-watering and finger-licking cuisine. When it comes to Israeli cuisine, the food in the country is very diverse, very unique and certainly a bit quirky to first-time visitors, but if you have never visited Israel before, you will be surprised how quickly you will fall in love with the food served there. Israel is a home to many restaurants, most of them serving the traditional and classic food for the country but always prepared with a lot of love and a homey feeling to it. However, Israeli food is a perfect blend of influences from neighbouring country, so you will find all dishes here to be a wonderful mixture of flavours, colours and aromas. Dive into our guide to the best restaurants in Israel!

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The Eucalyptus

Our story begins in 1960, when a young boy named Moshe Basson celebrated the holiday of Tu Bishvat (the new year of the trees) by planting a small Eucalyptus plant in the yard of his parents’ home in Jerusalem. The years past, the Basson Family moved away, and the tree grew tall and strong. Under this very tree the First Eucalyptus restaurant was opened by the Basson Family. Focusing on local and regional produce and cuisine, it drew instant attention, and among its patrons one would find Supreme Court judges, cabbies, University Professors, and local shop workers alike.




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