Restaurants in Jordan

Jordan is an urbanistic, vibrant and friendly country, where you can discover and enjoy many options for wonderful restaurants and diverse cuisine. The local food is a blend of time-rooted traditions, but also strongly influences by the neighbouring countries and cultures. Some of the staples on the table of the locals and definitely worth trying are the plates with fresh and home-cooked bread, spiced rice, hunks of fall apart tender lamb meat, the refreshing Arabic salad tabbouleh and a great variety of sweet desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Creamy plates of traditional hummus and plates of raw vegetables make the country’s restaurants scene a pretty favourite place for vegetarians and vegans out there. Food is a very important part of the Jordanian lifestyle and culture. You will find the service and locals to be extra warm, inviting and friendly too. Have a look at our full guide to the best restaurants and places to eat out in Jordan!

Haret Jdoudna – We represent an authentic village in the city of Madaba, providing everything from amazing traditional food to entertainment, to local…

Chili House – Fresh produce and baked goods are delivered to Chilli House every day, guaranteeing the utmost quality for your meal without the wait times.