Pubs & Bars in Kenya

The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi and this is the place, where the most of the clubbing and partying scene is focused and gathered. Here you can find and enjoy a vast and diverse variety of clubs, bars and places to spend a night out. The most of the pubs and bars are located in Westlands and Parklands and usually open till very late, or till the sun starts rising, to be more particular. With their friendly, exciting and fun atmosphere, local clubs and bars guarantee a memorable experience.

A common thing to do in Nairobi is having a dinner, visiting a bar and after that heading to a larger and more crowded club, which often happens to be the main destination of the night. There are many smaller bars and places for drink and dancing dotted around the bigger cities, which are typically inviting into a relaxed setting, however, the bigger clubs offer a vast variety of music styles and atmospheres. Browse our page to find out more about the most visited clubs and bars in Kenya!

Recommended pubs & bars in Kenya. Contact us for free inclusion!

The Alchemist Bar

With world-class sound, lighting, and production, a quirky and eclectic ambience, delicious food and drinks, it’s no wonder that The Yard has been the home to some of the biggest musical events in Nairobi. If you’re interested in a hosting a show or event here, let us know!





Brew Bistro

Brew Bistro & Lounge is a feast for the five senses. Indulge in Pan Global cuisine in the Fine Dining lounge. Take a sip on the wild side with our very own premium brewed beers. Let your primal instincts play at the brew lounge. Spoil your senses today at the Brew Bistro and Lounge. Our team at The Brew Bistro and Lounge are constantly researching the best party concepts, and developing ideas for bespoke events that will be the talk of the town for years to come. Our fully equipped mobile bar services come with all the necessary glassware, accessories as well as an experienced team of bartenders led by our resident mixologists to ensure that all your needs are taken care of.