Restaurants in Morocco

When it comes to the traditional cuisine in Morocco, we can safely assume that this is one of the most unique, exciting and interesting cuisines in the entire world. The traditional Moroccan food is a harmonic blend of the many cultures, histories and traditions building up the face of the country. Influenced by the cooking of the Berbers, the Oriental hedonism of the Middle East and the modern and colourful touch of Andalusia and France, we can assume that Moroccan gastronomy is a mixture of not simply neighbouring regions, but more a mixture of different worlds. A food that diverse, but distinctive at the same time, so cosmopolitan, will definitely not disappoint you and fail to surprise you in a good way.

A quick wander around the town will lead you to one of the many exciting bazaars in the country that offer a true splendour of fresh, delicious and exotic products, vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices. From savoury to sweet, everything served on the table in Morocco is extra delicious and fresh. The atmosphere in the local restaurants is yet another thing you will enjoy for sure. With a vast variety of styles, cuisines, innovations, music, atmospheres and traditions, Moroccan restaurants are truly worth visiting. Browse our page and find the best restaurants in Morocco!

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Comptoir Darna

Comptoir Darna menu introduces traditional Moroccan cuisine of high quality along with original and inspired “World Cuisine” dishes. We offer an elegant fusion of cultures and our chef excels in combining savoury and sweet dishes in a simple but refined way, marrying tradition with the most progressive culinary inventions.





Dar Moha Restaurant

A true scholar of gastronomy, Chef Moha knew how to use his talents and knowledge to bring a new breath to Moroccan cuisine by offering revisited dishes full of exquisite flavours. After several years of experience and practice, he opened his first restaurant in Marrakech in the riad previously owned by the great couturier Pierre Balmain, in which he offers the opportunity to his guests to savour the best of the new Moroccan cuisine.