Pubs & Bars in South Africa

When you visit South Africa you will be surprised to find out that the country is a very diverse blend of cultures and influences and this is well-illustrated through the vast collection of bars, clubs, cafes and pubs across the country, but mainly situated in the big cities. South Africa has a very holiday-inspired, laid back and somehow LA-inspired vibe, so you can expect many unique, innovative and creative places for going out and enjoying drinks, music and dances at night here. In fact, pubs, bars and clubs in the country are so wide-spread that you can find them around any corner. Because of that, we would like to present you the ultimate selection of the best bars, clubs and pubs in South Africa, to choose the best one simply browse our page and explore! It won’t be hard to find the perfect drink and music establishment for your preferences because nightlife places in the country cater for all needs and budgets. Additionally, the country is both sports- and beer-mad, so you will find the pubs there very fun and exciting.

Orphanage Cocktail Emporium – Our bar & laboratory serves cocktails, potions, champagne, superb wines, ales & virtuous tipples for those that prefer to remain pure & untainted…

Tjing Tjing – Our specialities are our cocktails, our unique wine list, our variety of craft beers and draughts and our tapas menu. Expect new indie and electronic music.