Restaurants in South Africa

When it comes to eating out In South Africa, especially in the capital Cape Town and the other larger and popular cities Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, you will be spoilt for choice with hundreds and maybe thousands of authentic, unique and quirky places that serve an extremely diverse and delicious food. We can safely assume that gastronomy in South Africa caters every taste and pocket, so the country will not disappoint you. The South African gastronomy is a diverse blend of influences and cultures, but always based on fresh and delicious produce.

Because of the big number of Portuguese and Italian communities in the country, you will enjoy the fact that there are many Mediterranean style cafes and food establishments dotted around the big cities. Complementing ideally the warm climate, the flavours served in these places are mouth-watering, but light. Other than that, South Africa is certainly this place of the world that represents United Nations in the context of gastronomy and restaurant scene. Dive into our ultimate selection of the best restaurants in South Africa!

The Roundhouse Restaurant – Nestled in the heart of Table Mountain, our restaurant is steeped in a rich history as old as the Cape itself.

Karibu Restaurant – Set between the picturesque view of Table Mountain and the tranquil blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Karibu affords you the…