Hotels in Tanzania

Tanzania is a land of awe-inspiring landscapes, breath-taking views and dramatic nature, so visiting the country is probably going to turn into one of the most memorable experiences in your life. Mountain peaks, luscious greenery and vast open outdoors, Tanzania is the heaven of the exploring tourist and you will find a lot of pleasure in visiting the country’s all hidden and not so hidden gems. However, a long day of exploring needs to end into the comfortable and cosy setting of a great hotel room of any other accommodation to suit your taste, preferences and budget.

Tanzania got you covered because the country is offering a great range of hotels and accommodation for its many and various tourists and guests. In Tanzania you are welcomed, no matter the aim of your journey and here you can enjoy so many options for staying in – from the luxurious hotels that are perfect for an exotic and island getaway on Zanzibar, to the more settled and budget-friendly private rooms or apartments for rent in the bigger cities.

Southern Sun Dar es Salaam – Our hotel is based in the centre of Tanzania’s commercial capital, in a beautiful neighbourhood which also houses the famed Botanical Gardens.

Mount Meru Hotel – Discover the place where the heavens meet the earth, where the rhythm of nature pounds to the beat of an African drum, and where life is all about a revival of the senses.