Restaurants in Tanzania

Tanzania is a home to robust and exciting culinary scene and offers a vast collection of diverse food establishments, including everything from swank seaside eateries to simple street food options. If you are a first-time visitor, you will find the local traditional food pretty different to what you are used to and very exciting, but if you are not that much of a fan of experimenting with food, don’t worry, because Tanzania is also offering a great selection of international and fusion food options that you can taste and enjoy on a budget too. The traditional Tanzanian cuisine is ethnically diverse and pretty heavy of meat, often focusing on fresh seafood, inspired by Indian spices and respecting barbeque. Browse our page further to explore which are the best restaurants in Tanzania!

Akemi – Akemi is Tanzania’s only revolving restaurant. Based in one of the tallest buildings in Dar es Salaam, we provide the most breathtaking views…

The Rock – It takes just one look understand that no pencil nor brush could draw such beauty – only Mother Nature could have reached such heights.