Pubs & Bars in United Arab Emirates

When it comes to going out and having fun in the United Arab Emirates, there are simply no limits at all! Although pretty religiously conservative in a way, this region of the world is truly open-minded and extra creative, when it comes to going out, enjoying music and drinks and being surrounded by friendly locals and enthusiastic travellers. From fancy and elegant sophisticated bar lounges, through the five star discos and clubs that you can get into with a year earlier reservation or a VIP pass, to the simple, more authentic and laid back establishments, the nightlife in the United Arab Emirates is as progressive, innovative and well-developed as everything there, to be honest… and just to remind you, the country is an economic empire built out from the middle of the desert! Make sure to browse our page and have a look at a selection of amazing and unique bars, clubs and pubs in the United Arab Emirates!

Recommended pubs & bars in the United Arab Emirates. Contact us for free inclusion!

Stars ‘N’ Bars

Welcome to Stars ‘N’ Bars Abu Dhabi, a pioneering and unique Sports Bar concept inspired by the famous Stars ‘N’ Bars located in Monte Carlo. Our unique surrounding of a luxury Yacht Marina and the Formula 1 race track provides the perfect setting to recreate the glamorous Monte Carlo venue right here in the heart of Abu Dhabi.






A place where rich eclectic artworks sourced from around the world hang above dark plush furnishings and luxe fixtures. Where cocktails of the past are sensationally recreated before your very eyes, and one moment you could be revelling in the most bespoke service and a supreme selection of Havana cigars in the mesmerizing VIP Blue Room, the next, you’re out in the moonlight on the magnificent outdoor terrace with a view across Dubai.