Restaurants in Indonesia

A dreamy travel and holiday destination and an exotic beauty, Indonesia is truly a place that should be a part of your bucket list! One of the things that everyone enjoys and appreciates when visiting the exotic country, is the hearty, delicious, fresh and colourful menus and meals. Indonesia is truly a place to guarantee scrumptious and exciting culinary and you will be able to find and enjoy a great meal around each corner in the city or the town – from simple street food options, through family-owned little eateries to luxurious and fancy restaurants. Break the routine and enjoy the local culinary journey, simply make sure to browse our website so you can discover more about the best restaurants in Indonesia!

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Enmaru Indonesia

Since the first store was opened on November 2006 in Japan, Enmaru ensure that the freshness of the product will become the top priority of the business. Each Enmaru fly’s seafood only from the world’s most famous and biggest fish market, Tsukiji in Tokyo. This is where the impeccable variety menu like sushi, sashimi, high grade Japanese wagyuand other food varieties start.





Our restaurants serve up tasty Italian pizzas, pasta, salads and delicious desserts which you can either enjoy in our stylish restaurants across the country or within the comfort of your own home. That’s right – you can dine in with us or if you fancy a delicious pizza at home, come in and collect your meal.





Poppies Bali

With three fine restaurants in Bali to choose from, Poppies offers you the perfect dining location for every occasion. Our current menu includes several house favourites that remain as popular today as when we introduced them in 1973. A perfect cocktail for the tropics, made with light rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice – served in an individually hand-carved coconut.