Restaurants in Japan

Japanese cuisine is popular all over the world with its diversity, quality, freshness and amazing taste and it is not hard to understand why one of the most memorable experiences of people visiting Japan is dining in the country, for sure. There is an impressive array of choices, when it comes to dining in Japan, but it is not only the food, products and recipes diversity but also the great opportunity to visit all sorts of places – from simply, but always high quality and extra delicious street food stands, through the smaller, family-owned and very cosy eateries and sushi places, to the more luxurious and fancy restaurants that follow Japan’s best traditions in food and culinary. If you want to learn more about local cuisine and which are the best places to eat out and restaurants in Japan, make sure to browse our page!

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Fishing Restaurant ZAUO

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The worldview of HAJIME is the product of the aesthetics of Hajime Yoneda, and represents the beauty of order found within the balance and harmony of nature, the earth, and space. One can also experience within his creations a feeling of respect for nature and the earth, the fleetingness of life, and ultimately a sense of life itself. His creations – embodying both the basis and subsequent progress of gastronomy – are timeless and moving, lingering in the heart and mind.