Restaurants in Philippines

The Philippines are popular with many things and attract thousands of people each year with the unbeatable architectural, natural and cultural beauty of the islands, but one thing that can only make the whole experience of visiting the archipelago even more memorable and amazing is the food. Food in the Philippines is fresh, extra delicious, different and unique at its worst! A lot of first-time visitors to the country often feel overwhelmed, when in front of the diverse and unique choice Filipino culinary is offering, but if you are planning a trip to the country, make sure to try as much as you can! From fresh and tasty street food choices, through small and atmospheric eateries with seafood delicacies and exotic cocktails, to the very expensive, even luxurious restaurants, Filipino meals are super delicious, no matter where and how you decide to enjoy them! Browse our website further to learn more about which are the best restaurants on the Philippines!

Recommended restaurants in the Philippines. Contact us for free inclusion!

Antonio’s Restaurant

We aspire to achieve a perfect balance between delicious food and a homey ambience. We take pride in finding the very best ingredients for every dish we serve. In the kitchen, we marry precise culinary technique with loving respect for our ingredients. We understand the importance of pairing fine cuisine with of casually refined interiors and effortless, well-trained service. From the moment you walk through our doors, you are our guests, to be entertained and pampered.




Casa Verde

Established in August 2002, CASA VERDE is a chain of family-owned restaurants in Cebu City. Spanish for “green house”, CASA VERDE’s name was influenced by the owners’ Spanish roots and the color of the Ramos Branch, which used to be one of the family’s ancestral homes. CASA VERDE believes that everyone deserves to enjoy great food and quality service at reasonable prices in a comfortable atmosphere. It’s casual dining at its best.