Restaurants in Thailand

Thailand is an exotic, heavenly, unique, quirky, diverse, vibrant and vivid country and you can easily see how national cuisine is inspired by all this. A bit eclectic and overwhelming at first, but surely extra delicious, fresh and unique, food in Thailand is going to guarantee only amazing surprises for you! The country has always had the fame and reputation of a foodie paradise, so it is not a wonder that one of the focuses and most memorable experiences of visiting Thailand is exactly the great diversity of unique and tasty meal choices. Do not miss an opportunity to try some of the world’s best receipts. Browse our page and explore which are the best restaurants and places to eat out in Thailand!

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Blue Elephant

Today there are nine Blue Elephant restaurants serving the best in Royal Thai Cuisine throughout Europe and the Middle East. All Blue Elephant restaurants are beautifully decorated in an array of authentic Thai handicrafts and artwork. A large proportion of the food served at the Blue Elephant Restaurants is flown in fresh from Bangkok, handled by Blue Elephant Bangkok Co., Ltd., established in 1984, which maintains an active Thai-based supply and trading operation.




Paste Bangkok

The guiding philosophy at Paste is to maintain an ever-changing seasonal menu, showcasing the very best native produce. Whenever possible, we source directly from the oceans, the river beds, local farms and the wild forests of northern Thailand. Motivated to unearth hidden culinary treasures, Chef Bee continually researches, tests and polishes historical recipes and traditions, many of which have been all but forgotten. She travels frequently across the diverse landscapes of rural Thailand to discover, gather and collect diverse ingredients which cause her carefully balanced dishes to shine.



Issaya Siamese Club

The Siamese Club is inspired by an old-school members’ club, such as in the days when men still wore hats and people would dress for cocktails and dinner. The Club is the lounge-bar concept throughout the upper floors of the house and front garden. The heritage and style of the house have been preserved and moulded by designer Hans Bogetoft Christensen. Christensen is renown for his ability to use splashes of modern colours and patterns to bring the past back to life and into a contemporary style.