Hotels in Australia

Australia is a home to a diverse and amazing collection of accommodations and hotels established for all sorts of travellers, so whether you are visiting the country/continent for business, seeking some relaxing holiday, taking a family trip or living the best honeymoon time of your life, Australia got you covered! From luxurious harbour-side hotels with a great view to the convenient city rooms and apartments for rent, you can find something to perfectly suit your needs and budget in the country. While many travellers prefer to book a room at the heart of Sydney, the truth is that the country is offering a lot more for discovering and enjoying, so do not limit yourself to the largest city in the country only. Browse our page and explore the best accommodation options and hotels in Australia!

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Castlereagh Boutique Hotel

The Castlereagh Boutique Hotel is an elegantly restored, heritage-listed property ideally located in the heart of Sydney’s commercial, retail and entertainment centre. The hotel features a sandstone frontage and stunning Art Deco architecture which is accentuated by the elegant and luxurious furnishings. The Castlereagh Boutique Hotel has a variety of public bars and dining areas to suit the needs of casual visitors and hotel guests. No stay at the Castlereagh would be complete without dining in the splendour of Cellos Grand Dining Room, one of the last of its kind.



Australian Heritage Hotel

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