Pubs & Bars in Australia

If we have to choose only one place in the world that is truly dedicated to its pubs, nightlife, drinking and having fun, it should definitely be Australia. The creative and exciting interiors of the many local pubs and bars are more like a hotspot for social life, an oasis of life and an inspiration for lifestyle, so visiting at least one of these amazing places and drink and music establishments dotted across inlands is mandatory! If you expect simply boozers here, you will be disappointed… or pleasantly surprised, it depends on your preferences.

Australian bars, clubs and pubs are enjoyed by many for their great interiors and atmospheres, the friendly locals, the great service and the diverse menu. To make it even more surprising for you, it is often that local pubs and bars share a space and often act as a post office, church, general store, airport lounge or police station. Social touch points for locals and travellers, browse our page and explore the best bars, clubs and pubs in Australia!

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