Restaurants in Fiji

Although Fiji is not only gourmet paradise but a paradise in general, the island is certainly offering a memorable gastronomy journey. Unique and creative, when it comes to dining on Fiji, you will be surprised with the extremely diverse and inspiring palette of flavours, colours and aromas. The same can be applied to the restaurant styles on the island too. Whether it will be the traditional, always fresh and very tasty dishes on the island that you can purchase at a very affordable price at local fares and street food stands, or you are up to a bit more luxurious experience of expertly prepared fusion and international cuisine, you will enjoy everything to your last bite and sip. In fact, dining experience in Fiji is limited only by your senses of adventure, so do not limit yourself and make sure to explore as many wonderful dining places on the island, as possible, simply browse our page!

Bonefish Seafood Restaurant – With the culinary creativity of our award winning chefs, each dish on our menu is prepared using the freshest and highest quality ingredients with much of our production coming directly from our own farm.

Rhum Ba – We are the premier Restaurant, Bar and social club in Fiji as a whole. The need and desire for the Yacht Club have been present since the inception of the working marina and has been a topic of discussion for locals for several years.