Pubs & Bars in Aruba

Aruba sees a veritable potpourri of Creole, European and Caribbean flavours not only on the restaurant tables but also reflected by the exotic cocktails, beverages and snacks you will be served within all the amazing bars and clubs dotted around this land that is peace of Heaven. Of course, being such a popular and heavenly holiday destinations could mean one thing only – Aruba is truly fascinating on the nightlife and entertainment scene! In Aruba, there is something for everyone, but especially for the fans of live music, authentic charm, exotic ambience, dance floors and endless salsa dancing! There is a lot to do in this paradise peace, but we help you discover the best out of the best bars and clubs in Aruba!

Recommended pubs & bars in Aruba. Contact us for free inclusion!

Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill

Bugaloe has all the essentials you need to hold a successful group event – a stunning location, fresh local food, amazing cocktails, great service and live entertainment. Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill offers an inspiring outdoor venue with an authentic Aruban vibe, located right on the water of Palm Beach. We are able to accommodate groups from 25 up to 250 guests with a guarantee that your corporate event, wedding party, celebration or any other group event will offer a genuine beachfront experience.



Sopranos Bar

Mix and Mingle at Sopranos Bar where the Island’s hippest bartenders have a flair for shaking it up! Serving up the Island’s most extensive list of fine wines, boasting first-rate scotch and champagnes, you can expect top shelf service at Aruba’s stylish nightspot. At Sopranos you can sit back and relax with a Cuban cigar outside on the terrace or maybe you will try the club’s signature cocktail: the Bada Bing Martini and go wild with joy and happiness: this is the life!




Pinchos Bar and Grill

Come celebrate your special day with us! We vow to do everything we can to make it an evening you nor your guests will soon forget. We take pride in what our beloved Island has to offer. All decorations are locally found, grown or painted for a unique Aruba feel. Chef Robby pays personal attention to every detail of every party at Pinchos. His creativity and unsurpassed flavour palate make our food as tasty as it is beautiful. Suspended over the water, we provide an atmosphere unmatched by other restaurants on the Island of Aruba.



Pelican Pier Bar

+297 587 2307
Between Holiday Inn and Playa Linda Resort
Blend in with nature, leave your worries behind and join us on one of our custom-built catamarans, equipped with sunbathing trampolines & shaded areas. Relax and refresh while enjoying food and drinks with the mellow rhythms of the Caribbean wafting from our first-rate sound system. Try snorkelling or experience the exhilaration of 3rd lung during three stops exploring the magical underwater world!


Bros & Beer

+297 280 2230
Caya Harmonia 5-15, Noord, Aruba
Bros & Beer Aruba is a craft beer bar located on the beautiful Caribbean island Aruba (One of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean) the King Plaza Mall on the main road called Sasaki. Bros & beer Aruba serves a constantly rotating line up of premium,unique specialty (Craft/ microbrews) beer for the discerning beer connoisseur or just your average guy looking for a nice place to enjoy high-quality beer.