Pubs & Bars in Bahamas

Forget to check the clock and keep time to an island beat, because at the Bahamas time stops to allow you enjoy an endless laid back, relaxing and exciting holiday experience. What would be an exotic island without its beachfront exotic bars and fresh and delicious cocktails and the Bahamas are not making an exception! Barefoot on the beach, the Bahamas allow you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sip on a drink in one of the best bars and clubs on the island and celebrate life as you have never done before! Experience the authentic quintessential tropical vacation indulgence in the many friendly and fun local bars you can explore and browse here!

Nippers Beach Bar & Grill – For more than 20 years people from all over the world have partied it up at Nipper’s.

Sandy Toes – Just a quick boat ride from Nassau, where you can spend the day at your own beach paradise!