Hotels in British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is a small and heavenly archipelago of exceptionally beautiful islands that are at attracting spot for many sailors and yachters, but also for the ultimate daydreamers and seekers of the perfect beach, sun-soaked, tropical vacation. With so many travellers and tourists visiting the islands all year round, it is safe to say that this region of the world is offering some amazing accommodations and hotels. From the luxury range down to the smaller, but more charming and atmospheric guest houses, the British Virgin Islands offer the ultimate Caribbean relaxation while catering for all your needs and preferences. We uncover a world of the best hotels in the British Virgin Islands, so make sure to have a look!

Anegada Reef Hotel – Sip a Smoothie, our special drink, at our beach bar.

Sugar Mill Hotel – The sugar mill is ideal for small conventions and meetings for up to 50 people.