Pubs & Bars in Cuba

If you are up to some extra authentic Cuban experience, then make sure to visit one of those classic and really fascinating Havana style bars that became symbols of the country. In fact, there is no other country in the world that managed to transform bars in such an important institutions to the point, where Cuba is strongly associated with Havana bars and their charming and atmospheric ambiences have inspired many great people to do their great business and create. To dive into this bar culture even deeper, authentic Cuban bars are a birthplace to not only one worldwide famous cocktail, Cuba Libre is a great example. The cocktail and beverages menu in this places is usually a representation of the 40s and 50s with a lot of classic Cuban elegance and style. Make sure to browse the best bars and clubs in Cuba through our page!

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In 2010, sitting facing the Mediterranean in a small village on the Costa Brava Catalonia, spoke from a few friends about the possibility of doing something different, something that we felt from the heart and could share it with you. After spending a few days with the head spinning and “revived” from friends, Amy and I, Alvaro, we decided that if we wanted to move forward and get an idea that this was different, could not be where we were in that time. It is there, where one of the most important people in our lives appeared to “give light”. Noe, glad for the opportunity to have us back home, happily offered us a place to locate in Havana. A privileged place in one of the key municipalities of the city, and there we were!


Café El Dandy

+53 7 8676463
Teniente Rey, La Habana
In the 50ths the storefront of bar El Dandy was a mixed company, bodega and a small bar owned by Hernán Gonzales. After 1959 the storefront became a private apartment until 17 December 2014 when Bar El Dandy opened. We offer delicious cocktails. We have several dandy cocktails invented by our Bartenders.


Club Led Sports Bar

+53 5 2514600
Avenida Manduley, Santiago de Cuba
This Unique to CUBA place will feature LED Lighting with automated LED light work, Wireless POS system and Ambient Sound in multiple zones. Club Led will feature A fully stocked BAR and one of a Kind In CUBA Remote Ordering system (interactive menus etc ).