Restaurants in Cuba

There is no way you won’t enjoy the Cuban food that will attract you with a rich colour, flavour and aromatic palette. Although there are still many things that are not well-developed in the country, this is not applying to the cuisine that has great traditions and an impressive collection of flavours to match everyone’s taste, even of the pickiest eater. Traditional Cuban cuisine is a result of influences and flavours imported from different immigrants to the island country including French, Spanish, American, Chinese and African. We encourage you to explore everything this culinary journey to Cuba could offer, simply browse our page and enjoy!

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La Guarida

We open July 14th, 1996 at a splendid edifice from early 20th Century, became in a multifamily building, wherein an exclusive atmosphere you will find the mixture of the daily resident’s life routine and the proper tasks of a luxury restaurant. We provide our clients with the unique possibility to distinguish at the same place a city in three different times: anchored in the history, stamped by its daily life and hope for the future.




La Redacciónis

Our beautifully restored home dates back to the 1800s and was home to the newspaper “El Liberal” which was edited and printed at the house. The historic building holds all its natural charm including the original signage of the newspaper which is painted over the archway by the bar. Original publications from the time hang on the walls. We like to say we’ll headline your food experience here in Trinidad because we do things differently to everywhere else.