Hotels in Puerto Rico

During the day, during the night, Puerto Rico is a lively and always buzzing resort and will welcome you in an atmospheric and charming ambience all year round with a great selection of hotels and accommodations. Puerto Rico also has a lot of the idyllic and romantic ambience you can expect from a Caribbean island, so you will feel truly spoilt here. Azure waters, graciously waving palm trees, crescent-shaped beaches, coral reefs and exclusive spa retreats are surrounding you from all corners of Puerto Rico. Dive into the Latin rhythm and celebrate life in one of the many wonderful accommodations and hotels you can explore by browsing our page.

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Casa Verde Hotel

We’re dedicated to providing the perfect guest experience. We’re proud of the warm, locally inspired hospitality we offer each guest and strive to ensure that every visit is completely personalized. From the moment you arrive, we’ll go out of our way to accommodate every request. For your comfort and convenience, our boutique hotel offers an array of amenities and services.




Blue Horizon Boutique Resort

If you have ever enjoyed the rich variety of the Caribbean flavours you will surely find yourself in culinary heaven. Exquisite dining in tropical tranquillity in front of the ocean. Our Executive Chef Xandra delights herself in providing you with a colourful and flavorful palate of exquisite dishes infused with that wonderful tropical flair that will challenge you to stay away from the kitchen. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner!