Hotels in Argentina

Whether you are a sports fan, a business traveler, honeymooner, family vacation seeker, backpacker or a holiday enthusiast, Argentina is going to invite you and welcome you in the right setting for your taste, preferences and needs. In the country there is a great variety of places to stay in and enjoy your time, while there. From luxurious resorts to budget-friendly hotels and everything in between, Argentina is a home to an impressive number of accommodations, each and every out of them with a different price tag, atmosphere, style and comfort. Additionally to the classics night in options, there are some more specific accommodations that are traditional for the country, so make sure to consider staying in a hospedajes, pensiyns, posadas and estancias. Buenos Aires is most certainly the most visited and most loved destination in the country, but Argentina is a home to many more wonderful smaller and bigger places worth visiting. Browse our page and explore the best hotels in Argentina!

Lennox Hotel Buenos Aires – The Lennox Hotels is a sensory experience that everyone must indulge. Elegant, stylish and modern are some of the qualities that distinguish this unique…

Mine Hotel Boutique – Located in the heart of Palermo Soho neighborhood, Mine Hotel is just at walking distance from Plaza Serrano and La Rural Convention Center.