Restaurants in Argentina

The first thing that comes to your mind, when envisioning a holiday in Argentina? Well, we are sure that you are most certainly envisioning a lot of charming and atmospheric beauty, passion and sensuality, great music and great culture and, definitely, a really impressive palette of flavours, spices, colours, aromas and what not. Well, you are pretty sure envisioning the real face of Argentina! A good meal will never be too far in Argentina and when it comes to diversity of menus and to food that is prepared and presented with a lot of heart, soul and passion, Argentina is surely the best place to have this kind of meals!

From top-notch, splendid and fine dining restaurants, through some extra friendly and atmospheric family-owned places, to the delicious and fresh street food, every bite you take in Argentina is like a one-way ticket to the food paradise. To make things even better, let us remind you that the country is a home to some of the best wines in the world. After all, everything growing under this vibrant sun is going to be very tasty, right? Browse our page and explore the best tastes and eateries in Argentina!

Azafrán – We are a place where aromas and flavours from Mendoza mingle with a passion for cooking. We try hard to offer those who visit us a pleasant and memorable experience.

The Argentine Experience – Our unique dinner party’s concept is to teach you the fundamentals of what being an Argentine is all about, whilst simply having more fun than is available anywhere else.