Pubs & Bars in Belize

If you expect that when the sun goes down in Belize and the fun will come to an end, with no opportunities for interesting activities and fun, then your idea of the country and its nation is completely wrong. Definitely dedicated to fun and partying and knowing how to have fun, the locals in Belize are very friendly and warm to every tourist and guest that want to dive into their culture. The great part is that in Belize there is a very vast and wonderful variety of partying, having fun, spending a laid back night out and sipping on a delicious cocktail and enjoying the wonderful Latin American tunes. In fact, there are so much and diverse places for going out there that there is practically at least a handful to tick all your criteria and even exceed all your expectations. The nightlife in Belize leaves nothing to be desired, so make sure to plan your clubbing experience by browsing our page and mentally marking all the wonderful clubs and bars in Belize you will visit!

Palapa Bar & Grill – The Palapa Bar & Grill’s location brings the cool Caribbean breeze with a view not found elsewhere – Over the top location, food, drinks, and service – a “must experience” while in Belize!

Lazy Lizard Bar & Grill – Based on the split in Caye Caulker, Belize, we provide a large selection of island frozen drinks! Relax in a tropical atmosphere the moment you step on our grounds, indoors or on the beach with patio seating.