Restaurants in Belize

When it comes to restaurants and food establishments in Belize, you have the usual vast choice in Latin America – everything from fine dining to tasty street food and in between, everything from traditional South American and regional cuisine, through fusion menu options to entirely internationally inspired alternatives. So you can assume that when visiting Belize, you will be spoilt for choice and all your preferences and needs will be meet… and even exceeded! Although there is a very impressive diversity in terms of meal options, the emphasis in the country is on seafood that is always very fresh and deliciously prepared in Belize. Lobsters are another one of the most-loved ingredients in the traditional cuisine for the country, but chicken and pork are very popular too. If you want to learn more about cuisine in the country and to discover the best restaurants in Belize, make sure to browse our page!

Celebrity Restaurant & Bar – Celebrity Restaurant & Bar is located on the corner of Marine Parade & Goal Lane, right next to the main Central Bank of Belize.

The Smoky Mermaid – We have always admired and acknowledged these great restaurants worldwide and we do our best to ensure that Belize is represented.