Restaurants in Brazil

Brazil has a very unique and time-rooted food traditions and Brazilian people are very passionate and dedicated to their food. It is easy to understand why because the food of the country is a fascinating and diverse mix of traditional products and receipts, fusion creativeness and international influence, all topped up with freshness and quality of products and a mesmerizing diversity of flavours, spices and colours. So when you are in Brazil, besides everything else you will enjoy for sure, you will experience a lot of pleasure from local culinary too. No matter if it comes to five-star fine dining or street food superfluity. To discover a lot more about Brazilian gastronomy habits and the best restaurants in the country, make sure to browse our page!

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The district of Santa Teresa is named after a 17th-century monastery on top of the hill. The traditional little tram, a tourist landmark in Rio, was inaugurated in 1896. The district became more popular after 1744 when the Aqueduct and new roads were built.  Attracted by its pleasant climate, European immigrants were the first ones to settle in this area, building impressive art nouveau mansions around the hill. The district has preserved its history and charm, becoming an alternative for leisure, life quality and luxury adopting the Carioca styleIts topography and its out-of-the-way leisure places take visitors to a refuge back in time.




Olympe’s cuisine combines French technics with Brazilian ingredients. Upon his arrival in Brazil on 1979, Chef Claude Troisgros immersed in the research of local products, such as baroa potato, hearts of palm, passion fruit, açaí and manioc and started to incorporate these products on the menu. In partnership with local producers, Olympe’s cuisine started to blend national flavour with traditional French cuisine.