Restaurants in Brazil

Brazil has a very unique and time-rooted food traditions and Brazilian people are very passionate and dedicated to their food. It is easy to understand why because the food of the country is a fascinating and diverse mix of traditional products and receipts, fusion creativeness and international influence, all topped up with freshness and quality of products and a mesmerizing diversity of flavours, spices and colours. So when you are in Brazil, besides everything else you will enjoy for sure, you will experience a lot of pleasure from local culinary too. No matter if it comes to five-star fine dining or street food superfluity. To discover a lot more about Brazilian gastronomy habits and the best restaurants in the country, make sure to browse our page!

Aprazível – Aprazível Restaurant is located in Santa Teresa, a carioca district where life flows at a slower pace. Innumerous reasons do justice to its name as the word aprazível means pleasant.

Olympe – The family tradition is in harmony with the new trends and technics in fine dining, led by chef Thomas Troisgros, one of the promises of contemporary cuisine, providing a unique experience…