Pubs & Bars in Chile

This might come surprising to you, but Chile is a country that has a very large and diverse nightlife scene. Of course, the country is mainly associated with historical heritage and dramatic and beautiful nature, as well as amazing ancient culture, but the modern entertainments in the country are not the one you would like to neglect. From crowded discos, through a wonderful clubbing scene, to some quirky and unique bars, in Chile you can have fun and be married in style! During the summer season, the main beach resorts turn into the hottest partying scene, however, in the big cities of the country the party is non-stop. Bright lights, music festivals and lively and glamorous shows are just a few of the main features of Chile’s nightlife scene! Dive into this world of all-night clubbing, live entertainment, open-air parties and a vibrant bar scene in the best drinking and dancing establishments in Chile by browsing our page!

The Black Rock Pub – Whether you’re wanting a quick bite to eat, coming for lunch or you’re after a full course dinner, our scrumptious menu will satisfy those hunger…

The Shamrock – We take NFL seriously. We have the Monday & the Thursday night game, up to 5 games on Sunday PLUS RedZone so that you never miss a big play.