Restaurants in Costa Rica

A diverse palette of fresh and delicious seafood, vegetarian treasures, carnivore delicacies, Caribbean-fusion hints, luxurious and rich tastes – you crave it, you name it, Costa Rica has it! In fact, Costa Rican cuisine is not a copy-paste of some popular cuisines around the world and has its own and a unique character and traditions, which make it that delicious and differentiated, different from what you can try anywhere else. With freshness, quality and creativity being priorities of the local culinary masters, you can find extra delicious food anywhere you go in the country – from fine dining to street food! Regional spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits are a big part of your gastronomy journey in Costa Rica, where garlic, onion, cilantro and parsley have almost the status of gods! Learn more about this characteristic, yet diverse Costa Rican cuisine and discover the best restaurants in the country by visiting our website!

Tin Jo Restaurante – Tin Jo Restaurant is located in an old house in the cultural heart of San Jose, Costa Rica, close to theatres, museums, and galleries.

Naans & Curries – At Naans & Curries Pinares, you can enjoy outdoor seating with a view of the mountains or inside cosy seating for the cold evenings.