Hotels in Ecuador

A great opportunity for taking a break from the stressful and hectic everyday life, a chance to reconnect with your partner, family and friends, an amazing opportunity to explore and enjoy a new and exciting place, going on holiday in Ecuador is surely something you are going to enjoy, no matter if you are traveling for business, honeymoon, family vacation, or as a backpacker. The best thing is that in the country you can find a very diverse range of hotels and accommodation, starting with the lavish five-star experience all the way to do the affordable hostels and cheap places with a bohemian vibe for surfers.

No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for, Ecuador most likely has it and can cater to all your needs and desires by putting a smile on your face! If you are up to some really authentic experience, we highly recommend you having a look at the amazing private haciendas and their rich history. To learn more about haciendas and discover the best hotels in Ecuador, we would like to invite you to check out our website!

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Hotel Mansion Alcazar

Entering Mansion Alcázar is as if one has travelled back in time to a traditional home that reflects the Republic of Ecuador’s architecture from the end of the XIX century. It is in the heart of Cuenca, Ecuador which has been selected as one of the few world cultural heritage cities. The exquisite interior design, carefully chosen furniture, objects of art, and wonderful crystal chandeliers bring back the ambience of one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Ecuador.




Hotel Cielo Azul

The Cielo Azul Hotel is under the German-Ecuadorian direction of the owners. It is specially provided for guests who value a family atmosphere and who want to know one of the most beautiful beaches in Ecuador and Esmeraldas.