Restaurants in Ecuador

Ecuador might not be popular as a gastronomy heaven, but the truth is that in this beautiful country you can find and enjoy a lot of delicious, high quality and very affordable food. Both having time-rooted traditions and inspired by some international culinary trends, menus in Ecuador are diverse and cater to everyone’s taste and preferences. The restaurant’s scene in the country is varying and vast, offering meals from all around the world and creative fusion receipts. If you want to have a meal the way the locals do, remember that most of the meals start with a soup that is followed by some of the many carnivore dish options in the country and finished with a dessert and, of course, coffee. Learn more about the best restaurants and food establishments in Ecuador by visiting our page!

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The Magic Bean

The Magic Bean Restaurant & Coffee House is a local treasure, keeping its doors open to Quito locals and travellers, for the love of food. Come by and enjoy free Wifi, munch on organic, local and tasty American fare, relax and be entertained. Nourish your body and get the sustenance you’ll need for your journey. Enjoy a big breakfast to give you a boost, come by for a fantastic lunch or relax over dinner. If you’re in a hurry, swing by the Coffee & Juice Bar for our infamous speciality coffees, fresh squeezed 100% juices & real fruit smoothies. No matter what your taste buds are screaming, we’re sure to deliver something that will knock your socks off!