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For the last few decades, the luxury travel scene of Peru is living its peak. The country is getting more and more popular with the luxurious and splendid accommodation options it is offering to tourists from all around the world, but if you are more on a budget traveler and you still want to enjoy the beauty of the remote country, you still have many wonderful options for staying in and enjoying your time there. Resorts in the country are getting better and better with every year and the same can be said for the smaller places and cosy rooms dotted all around the country. When it comes to travelling across South America, Peru is one of the leading countries for tourism and luxurious getaways. Five-star hotels are certainly not something rare in the country. Dive into a world of great hotels and accommodations in Peru, simply make sure to browse our page!

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The hotel features eighteen lake-facing rooms with an exceptional view which are scattered on three levels connected by a central hallway. Our resident Chef, María Fé García, was inspired by the ethereal beauty of Titicaca when she created Titilaka’s culinary offerings. The contemporary menu offers a unique take on Peruvian cuisine, with a special emphasis on Andean ingredients, and food that is nutritious and filling but also light. At Titilaka, all of us understand the need for responsible travel and are deeply committed to both minimizing our environmental footprint and being the best possible neighbour to the local communities that have welcomed both us and you, our guests, with open arms.


Dazzler Lima

We are a modern hotel, situated in Lima, providing a wide range of services for you to enjoy your visit to Peru. The capital of Peru is located in the middle of the country on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Its history dates back to the Inca Empire, long before the advent of the Spanish colonists in the 16th century. The remains of Inca civilization are one of the main points of interest in all of Peru.