Pubs & Bars in Uruguay

Uruguay is a popular destination for pub fans and bars lovers, offering a great range of places to spend the night in, dance the night in and drink the night in. A unique mix of authentic, crowded, atmospheric, creative and charming places, when it comes to a nightlife and having fun, Uruguay is never a disappointment. In fact, the places for drinking and dancing in Uruguay are so unique that each pub has its own story, its own flair, crowd and specialities. From chill and laid back bars to big discos for booming and buzzing with music and crowds until sunrise, there is something for everyone in the country. Check out the best and most visited bars and pubs in Uruguay through our page!

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Baar Fun-Fun

Founded by Mr. Augusto López, who made this shop famous by creating two drinks called: el Pegulo and la Uvita. For that reason, when travellers visit this typical place, they feel surrounded by famous people; such as Gardel, who in 1933, after tasting the Uvita, dedicated an autographed photograph while singing a capella, leaning on the ancient tinned bar which still stands at the shop exactly like it did then. For all these reasons, Baar Fun-Fun is considered a living monument within the history of Montevideo and an unavoidable spot of the artistic production in the Río de la Plata.