Restaurants in Uruguay

When we talk about Uruguayan cuisine, we are talking not only about the traditional flavours and tastes that are classic for the country and for South America in general, but we are talking also about a lot of international influence. That is right, the traditional and most popular menus in Uruguay will include a lot of fusion twists, while the more influential receipts in the country come from Italy and Spain. While beef is one of the most well-loved ingredients for delicious dishes in the country, there is a truly spectacular diversity and variety of extra tasty and mouth-watering dishes and main courses that will suit everyone’s desires and preferences. When it comes to prices, there are many restaurant options in the country too, everything varying from pretty luxurious and expensive places to the more settled and budget-friendly ones. From fine dining to some finger-licking good street food, you are guaranteed to enjoy your culinary experiences in Uruguay. Browse our page to learn more about the best restaurants in Uruguay!

Parador la Huella – The ultimate in chic beach eating, La Huella’s repertoire in grilled seafood led by Alejandro Morales is second to none.

Hotel & Restaurant Garzon – Our cuisine is based on all kinds of regional products and fishes from the Atlantic Ocean. The earth oven, the grill and the fire stoves…