Restaurants in Austria

Austrian cuisine has some serious and time-rooted traditions, so if you want to dive into some unique gastronomy experience, why not starting with Austrian restaurant and street food scene as a great start. A real heaven for meat and beer lovers, Austria’s cuisine is also famous for its quirky and unique dishes and some of the best desserts in Europe. Furthermore, if you are not so much into the traditional Austrian gastronomy experience, the current food scene in the country has transformed a lot in the past few years, so now you can enjoy some more experimental, fusion and internationally influenced dishes and creative chefs from all around the world. Dining with a view? When it comes to Austria, you are spoilt for choice – from amazing nature scenery to breath-taking architecture, you can enjoy some true beauty while sipping a tasty beer and enjoying your meal!

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Dstrikt Steakhouse

At Dstrikt Steakhouse, innovation informs everything from the decor to what arrives on the plate. Sit down in a contemporary dining room to savor a taste of modern Vienna with the farm-to-table cuisine, an extensive wine list and local microbrews. The menu features Austria’s finest cuts of meat prepared on a charcoal grill, as well as dishes like French oysters and Bavarian prawns. Patio seating and a BBQ-to-go menu are available during the summer.





Plachutta Wollzeile

Right in the lively and buzzing heart of Vienna city is located an iconic for the city’s day – and nightlife restaurant PLACHUTTA WOLLZEILE. Tourists and travellers from all over the world are visiting the place to experience and enjoy the famous Tafelspitz (boiled beef) and a lot more traditional and delicious culinary peaks of the Viennese cuisine. We know our farmers who ensure the excellent quality of the beef on their family-run farms.






The Griechenbeisl is one of Vienna’s oldest inns. Artists, scholars and politicians would congregate in the Griechenbeisl to eat, drink, debate and reflect – often into the early hours. From the world-famous balladeer ‘Der Lieber Augustin’ to later figures of the stature of Beethoven, Schubert, Wagner, Strauss, Brahms, the painters Waldmüller and Schwind, the opera singer Schaljapin, writers Mark Twain, Grillparzer and Nestroy, and political personalities such as Karl Lueger and Graf Zeppelin have all appreciated its traditional Viennese cuisine and creature comforts. The framed autographs on the walls of the famous Mark Twain room ensure that their presence lives on here.




ice Q

At the spectacular shooting location for the James Bond SPECTRE movie. Where innovative architecture meets futuristic design, is the place where sophisticated gourmet delights combine with fine wines and dreamy panoramas to create one exceptional symbiosis – in the ice Q Bistro and in the ice Q gourmet restaurant, which has a panorama terrace, you get to re-experience what is unique. And you get to feel life with all your senses. Right at the Gaislachkoglbahn in Sölden. For the most exclusive ski break in the Alps – even without skis.




TIAN restaurant Wien

Enjoy our weekly noon special: the freely combinable TIAN.LIGHT lunch menu. In the evening we will surprise you with “SIGNATURE.TASTE”, our menu by chef de cuisine Paul Ivić and his team. You may opt for 6, 8 or 10 courses and the accompanying wine “WINE.EXPLORE” or “TIAN.OBLIGE” by sommelier of the year 2016 Matthias Pitra. Then let your pleasure journey culminate with “SWEET.UNDERGROUND” by pâtissier of the year 2016 Thomas Scheiblhofer.