Pubs & Bars in Belgium

Belgium is a home to some of the best beer bars in Europe. Not that you cannot find some amazing clubs and bars for dancing the night away and enjoying a cocktail or two in the country, but beer in Belgium is that good that it will be hard for you to miss an evening in some of the many atmospheric and charming little pubs dotted around the country.

However, if you are not that of a big fan of beer, don’t worry, because as we have already mentioned, Belgium is also a home to some unique places, where you can enjoy good tunes, dancing with the friendly locals and enjoyable atmosphere. Do not miss to try some of the delicious traditional snacks, while enjoying a drink! Here is the perfect selection of the best bars, clubs and discos in Belgium!


The Irish Times Pub


O’Reilly’s Irish Pub


Michael Collins Irish Pub


Kelly’s Irish Pub


de Valera’s Irish Pub


A La Mort Subite