Restaurants in Belgium

When envisioning a holiday in Belgium, you are probably envisioning a lot of high quality and delicious food. In fact, the country truly deserves its great reputation of a gastronomy destination. Just think of all the amazing desserts and the fascinating variety of chocolate options. But Belgium is not only about sweet tooth tourists, because the country is also offering a lot for you to experience on the restaurant scene.

Here you can find many award-winning restaurants led by chefs with quite unique and non-traditional concepts, visions and ideas, but also some small, cosy and charming places for wine and dine. There are many delicious classical dishes with their deep roots in the history and culture of Belgium, but there are also many fusion dishes served at some unique places. We recommend you to explore all of these, simply make sure to browse our page.


Aux Armes de Bruxelles




Sea Grill


Restaurant Vincent


The Olive Tree Restaurant