Hotels in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the European ultimate holiday destinations, so you are truly spoilt of choice, when it comes to accommodations in the country. From the mega fancy and luxurious resorts located in the mountain, or by the seashore, through the cosy hotels, where you can stay in and enjoy the amazing landscapes around you, but also looking after your health with mineral water springs and healthy lye baths, to the affordable private rooms, charming guest houses, comfortable smaller hotels and quirky hostels, you can find everything and everywhere across the country!

Bulgarian people know a lot about hospitality and a warm welcome, so you are guaranteed to spend some amazing time in the country. The best thing is that you have the pleasure to stay at some really unique places on a very affordable price! Be sure to check our page and explore many of the best accommodations and hotels in Bulgaria!


Hotel Marvel


Hotel Dune


Central Park Hotel Sofia


Globus Hotel


Hotel Velina