Pubs & Bars in Bulgaria

If Bulgarians know something for sure, they know how to enjoy life and have fun. Because of that, when visiting the country, you will be instantly welcomes with a harm, hospitable and friendly attitude. The best way to celebrate life with the locals is by visiting one of the thousands of unique clubs, bars and discos across the country. From laidback beach bars, to the fancy clubs in the big cities and everything in between, you want get bored even for a minute, when in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria’s nightclubs carry on throughout the night, finishing on time for you to go an have your breakfast, or carry on with an afterparty, because this is how energetic and funny locals are! The music festival scene is also not something you want to neglect, offering you a variety of all kinds of events – new wave, rock and metal, alternative tributes and concerts of some of the hottest pop starts on the international scene.


Cross Point Pub


J.J. Murphy’s Pub


Red Lion Pub