Restaurants in Bulgaria

Bulgarian cuisine is a result of time-rooted traditions, a lot of ancient culture and history mixed with the country’s neighbours for creating the ultimate delicious and hearty food. Bulgaria is also a country, where some of the most delicious products are invented, yoghurt, rakia and cheese as a few of the many examples, so the cuisine of such a country is definitely a statement and a memorable experience you will definitely enjoy! In recent years, the traditional Bulgarian food is experimentally influenced by international gastronomy by aspirational and innovative local chefs, so you can expect many wonderful surprises when wining and dining in the country.

However, what you are surely going to enjoy the most are the authentic Bulgarian dishes served in all those cosy, charming and atmospheric food establishments across the country. Bulgarian restaurants’ menus are not going to disappoint you because here you will enjoy an amazing symbiosis of quality and fresh produce the fertile Bulgarian land is growing, as well as many hearty and family-style dishes with meat, seafood, vegetables. Do not miss to try the local wines and spirits that are top quality! Browse our page to explore the best restaurants and food places in Bulgaria!

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Restaurant Chevermeto

The authentic Bulgarian atmosphere of Restaurant Chevermeto, combined with the most delicious receipts from the Bulgarian cuisine and a folklore show are contributing our local and foreign clients to experience the best local hospitality and quality of service. A await you with a warm welcome and a spectacular and extra tasty whole lamb roasted on fire known as “Cheverme”.





Moma Bulgarian Food & Wine

Moma Restaurant is the new modern face of Bulgarian restaurants. Its concept combines a delightful culinary experience with authentic recipes which remind us of times past and bring us back to our roots, and a modern interior blending the beauty and purity of the Bulgarian maidens of yore, represented by the designer through various visual symbols, photos, fabrics and decors.