Restaurants in Croatia

Whenever you are visiting a country you have never been in before, it is good when you have some professional help and guidance and this is exactly what we are going to do today for you! Let’s say that you are lucky enough to plan your trip to Croatia, a country of impressive natural beauty, dreamy seaside holiday, Game of Thrones-style epic architecture and history and culture you will quickly fall in love with. What could possibly make all this better… well, what about food? In this case, my friend, you are a lucky man, because Croatia is inviting you to experience a real gastronomy heaven.

After all, a land so luscious and vibrant is certainly going to grow a fresh, tasty and natural product that is used by innovative and inspiring chefs for creating some of the most finger-licking dishes in Europe. Croatian cuisine, just like the country itself, has been influenced by many neighbouring countries and you will happily discover that by visiting as many of the wonderful restaurants in the country as possible. With our dining guide to Croatia, you would avoid all tourist pitfalls.


Incredible India
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Restaurant Nautika
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Fig Cafe Bar – Located on a charming side street of downtown Hvar, Fig is a relaxed and fun place to get some great food and interesting drinks!