Pubs & Bars in Czech Republic

When it comes to spending the evening out, it is pretty clear, when you are in the Czech Republic. Beer is well-respected in the country, indeed, and if you want to have fun as the locals do, then sipping on a glass or two of some of the most delicious European beer is a must, but do not forget to snack on some delicious savouries prepared traditional style. In fact, the Czech beer consumption is the highest in the whole world, so if you are not a fan of the drink, then better find another country to visit.

Because the Czech love of the amber drink goes far beyond simply drinking, since here you will be surprised that locals have their own festivals dedicated to beer, just as Germany does, but also traditions of bathing in beer and new and innovative ways of consuming it! Bearing all this in mind, it is not surprising that the best places to have fun are the clubs and bars where beer is served. And this is practically everywhere in the Czech Republic!

The Pub – The PUB Pilsen is just one of the best places to go out in the city! You can enjoy wonderful tasty food, prepared with care from fresh products.

Hells Bells – In the stylish cellar bar, you can enjoy loud music, luxury beer and selection of quality beverages of all kinds. All served with our fast and friendly service.

Ice Pub – Welcome to the place where all that you can see or feel – walls, bar, tables, sculptures and even your own personal glass – is made of ICE.

Hemingway Bar – An enterprise inspired by Ernest Hemingway, a famous patron of bars who lent his name to more than a few cocktails. The Hemingway…