Restaurants in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic covers it all when it comes to the utmost variety of restaurants. From fancy 5-star meals to delicious and fresh street food, here you can try everything. Although international gastronomy is well-established in the country, Czech Republic restaurants are also showing a lot of respect to the traditional cuisine of the country. A bit quirky and overwhelming at first, soon you will find to enjoy the local delicacies and temptations, always accompanied with a glass of beer, because Czech republic has its time-rooted traditions when it comes to great beer.

The epicentre of dining is definitely the capital Prague, where you will enjoy traditional beauty mixed with a heavy dose of modernistic influence not only in the surrounding culture, architecture and style but also on the table. A fantastic blend of influences from around the continent, Czech Republic offers you a colourful and unique cuisine and we help you discover all the best restaurants in the country!

Kampa Park – Kampa Group is the premiere restaurant group in Prague, Czech Republic, two restaurants offering a variety of fine dining experiences.

Mailsi – We serve Halal food. All dishes are prepared freshly hot or mild on request of our guests. Our speciality is to keep always the same taste and highest standard…

Old Prague – Come and taste delicious traditional Czech cuisine where we offer hot and cold dishes, soups, hot and cold beverages, including coffee and desserts.