Restaurants in Denmark

There are many ways to explore and enjoy a foreign country, but exploring and enjoying the local cuisine is one of the best ones! Denmark is popular with its many quirky cafes and restaurants with a lot of character. In general, the country has some quirky and unique traditions and style you will find a lot of pleasure exploring and experimenting with them, when there. In Denmark, you will find everything your heart and taste buds desire, from gourmet 5-star restaurants to small cosy cafes offering tasty snacks for satisfying your appetite.

Enjoy all fresh ingredients the Danish land and sea offer, all blended in creative and innovative meals and dishes. The dining scene in Denmark is a blend of a lot of European influences and an exciting fusion of cultures. Besides all the amazing contemporary dishes, you will be surprised by how creative interiors could be.

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The restaurant is situated on the 8th floor in Fælledparken (Common Gardens) in the centre of Copenhagen, from where one can follow the seasons’ journey through the tree crowns, catch glimpses of the city’s green copper roofs and just see the windmills of Oeresund. The location emphasizes Geranium’s vision of gastronomic clarity and diversity. We explore the area of tension between the urbane and the natural.




Era Ora

Era Ora has been awarded “World best Italian restaurant outside Italy” & “Restaurant of the year 2017” by the publisher of the Italian restaurant bible Gambero Rosso International. Saturday the 21st of October 2017 Gambero Rosso launched their first worldwide restaurant guide “Top Italian Restaurants” – a guide to quality Italian eating places around the world.





At Amass, the food is created in the moment and is ever changing. It is influenced not only by terroir and the weather but by carefully examining every ingredient and figuring out which techniques will pay the highest respect to the ingredient as a whole. Most of our wine is made by friends, whose vineyards we know and whose journeys we share. It’s honest wine made with love and care by people who are farmers first, who tend their grapes without using any chemicals and who let the winemaking take its natural course. We believe wine made in this way tastes better, is more vibrant and suits our food perfectly.



Kiin Kiin

Kiin Kiin in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, is one of the world’s very few Thai restaurants with a Michelin star. It has also received excellent reviews, with more or less all of the major Danish food critics giving Kiin Kiin their highest praise. The duo behind Kiin Kiin is Lertchai and Henrik Yde-Andersen. Henrik is well-known for his role as a judge on the TV programme MasterChef and for having been invited by the Thai princess to open a Thai restaurant in Bangkok – an extraordinary achievement for a non-Thai person.