Hotels in Finland

Finland might not be the full-bodied idea of the perfect vacation, but believe it or not, the country definitely deserves a chance, because it will surprise you with a lot of fascinating cities- and landscapes. In fact, 8 out of 10 travellers, who have visited the country, recommend it, so here is your perfect reason to start planning your trip to Finland. One of the most important things you need to consider along the way is finding a perfect hotel or accommodations for your preferences, requirements and budget.

Worry not, because Finland is offering a great choice of accommodations that come in all sizes and shapes. You can opt for a classic holiday spent in a hotel room, but Finland is offering also a bit non-traditional alternatives like booking a cabin, holiday cottage, enjoying natural spa while camping, or spending a few nights in a remote village and a lot more. Explore all the opportunities you have to book the best accommodation in Finland by browsing our web page!

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Arctic Snow Hotel

One trip, two types of accommodation. This package combines the cool experience of staying overnight in the glass igloo and SnowHotel. Make the most of your holiday in the north. Take a romantic trip to Lapland’s Arctic Kingdom. Take time to relax with the one you love and cuddle under the reindeer furs. Arctic ice comes in many different colours and forms. Feel its warmth and coldness when immersing yourself into a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget. Come and explore the Arctic and Finnish Lapland! We will bid you warmly welcome.



City Hotel

CityHotel is set right in the very centre of the town of Rovaniemi next to the main shopping areas, only a few kilometres away from the Arctic Circle and Santa Claus Village. All the main activity providers are conveniently based within walking distance from the hotel. Exceptional comfort and personal service create a cosy atmosphere for business and leisure. Following a multimillion refurbishment, this unique 4-star hotel’s modern interior design creates a sense of warmth and peacefulness.



Hotel Seurahuone

Hotel Seurahuone Helsinki is a high class, tasteful business hotel in the heart of Helsinki. Historically over 180 years old Seurahuone is one of the most traditional hotels in Finland and can be considered even internationally a state of the art hotel. Our banquet floor offers an exceptional traditional setting coupled with high-quality, modern service. The Banquet floor is an excellent venue for corporate dinners. Delicious dinner menus are planned with a view to individual customer needs. The country’s top leaders and most prominent cultural figures and artists have celebrated in these premises since the early 1900s.