Pubs & Bars in Germany

What do you expect from a country such as Germany, where some of the world’s best and highest quality beer is produced? Well, of course – a lot of places where the beer will be enjoyed accompanied by great setting, exciting atmosphere, friendly locals, amazing music and delicious snacks. Germans might make an impression of pretty reserved and professionally serious people at first, but this is not their usual persona, when in the bar or club, where they show how truly friendly and fun they can be.

All the major German cities have a well-established nightlife, while in the smaller towns and villages you will discover that the beer pubs are the local institutions and spots for social life. Big techno music clubs, where you can welcome the morning while dancing and drinking all night long are certainly something you can enjoy in the country along with the smallest, cosier and more settled down local pubs. It is entirely up to you and what you find pleasurable, so make sure to browse our page and find the best bars, clubs and pubs in Germany!

Recommended pubs & bars in Germany. Contact us for free inclusion!


Berlin is the city that never sleeps and when you’re in the party capital of Europe you’ll need to to kick start your night in true rock ‘n’ roll style to keep you going until the early morning or longer; at Belushi’s we’ve got your back. Don’t worry about missing the game; Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League Champion’s League, Premier League, AFL, Basketball, NBA, Tennis, Cricket Belushi’s screens all major international sports and we’ve got a gigantic screen to view the action on live.



Pauly Saal

When visiting Pauly Saal Bar you will be truly spoilt for choice, because we offer the best range of food and drinks from Germany and all around the world. In addition to this, in Pauly Saal you can also celebrate your private party because we offer a customized functions for your event.





O’Kellys Irish Pub

O’Kellys Kitchen has developed over the years into the place to go if you miss yer mammies’ home cooking. Shepherd’s Pie, Irish stew & amazingly tasty burgers are the runners. O’Kellys homemade beef burgers have certainly become popular with the Freiburgers as well as our regular guests from across the Atlantic… try the Godfather Burger (we dare you!!).