Restaurants in Germany

Each and every region in Germany has its own and very characteristic cuisine, but taking all together, all this results into the perfect blend of meaty delicacies and quirky, but very delicious receipts, all amply poured with the world’s best beer. German cuisine is certainly a heaven for every carnivore out there, but this does not mean that when in the country, you can hardly ever find something different than meat.

Of course, meat is well-loved in Germany, but the local cuisine is also popular with many other delicious receipts you will be served with in every of the various food establishments in the country. From simple bistros and street food stands to splendour restaurants and everything in between, Germany got you covered, so you can get yourself in the spender’s mindset, or be on a budget and you are always guaranteed to enjoy the quality and delicious food. Do you want to discover the most well-loved restaurants in Germany? Then be sure to dive into our guide and browse the page!

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Auerbachs Keller

Auerbachs Keller is the most famous and the second oldest restaurant in Leipzig. It was one of the best spots for wine in the 16th century. Auerbachs Keller gained his worldwide reputation, mostly by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.






Combining German tradition in culinary and the charming French and Swedish approach to gastronomy, restaurant Tantris is a great example for the multicultural world that works in a harmony as well as diverse cuisines working in a great balance.





Prince of India

TantrisRestaurant of India is a leading dining chain serving authentic Indian food in Germany. If you’re looking for tasty and traditional Indian favourites from the tandoor and zesty curries brought to life by a plethora of spices, then come to our finest dining outlets at Mannheim, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. We are a unique Indian Restaurants in Mannheim, Stuttgart and Frankfurt in Germany.