Pubs & Bars in Greece

Greek nightlife is many-faced and has so many wonderful layers just waiting for you to explore them, but one thing is for sure and that is – when in Greece, you will finally learn how to enjoy and celebrate life to its fullest. Hedonism is hiding in each and every corner of the country and the many nightlife establishments in the country is one more evidence for the local philosophy that life should be enjoyed every second. From laid back and relaxing beach bars, luxurious and fancy clubs with VIP areas, simple establishments with live music and great views, some wonderful retro bars on the islands and the fun and exciting nights spent on a boot under the moonlight, Greece got you covered, if you are up for some funny experience. In the country, you can find so many cool places for spending a quality evening and dancing the night away and each of them will impress you with its own and a unique atmosphere. Make sure to discover the coolest bars and clubs in Greece by browsing this page.

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Semeli the Bar

Afte, all it is one of the most well-known-and loved- establishments among Mykonos patrons. This season, following its recent refurbishment by acclaimed Greek architect Pavlos Ninios, it reinstates itself more dynamically than ever. As always, it operates all day long, offering a selection of mouthwatering delicacies and desserts, the finest champagne and spirits as well as its signature cocktails. In fact this summer the cocktail list is more creative and impressive than ever.