Pubs & Bars in Hungary

When it comes to bars and clubs, Hungary has its own, deeply time-rooted and characteristic traditions in wine and beer production, so it is safe to say that all places in Hungary are going to invite you in a wonderful atmosphere and win over your heart with amazing spirits. After all, after a jam-packed day of sightseeing and various exciting activities and experiences, one of the best things you can do is relaxing and sipping on some well-deserved glass of wine or beer.

Some clubbing and dancing until down is not an exception in Hungary, where you can discover a pretty exciting clubbing scene, as well as many wonderful, atmospheric and laid back bars across the country, but mainly in the big cities. If you want to have a night out to remember for a long time, simply make sure to stock yourself on some knowledge. We provide you with useful information and a guide to help you discover all the hottest clubbing places in Hungary, simply make sure to browse our page!

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Boutiq Bar

We have opened Boutiq’Bar – back then known as Mini Bar- in September 2008. Just a month later the world financial crisis kicked in. There were far too many factors not to succeed. We were unique with the bar’s new concept, a new approach to drinking habits, we had no investor behind and with a mismanaged construction we have spent all the money we had. While opening we’ve experienced two big challenges again, lack of suppliers to serve the needs of our bar and lack of professionals bartenders.